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ISE Privacy Policy Acceptance

In compliance with the European Commission directive on the personal data protection the ISE has to ask you to review and accept the following policy on the Personal Data Protection. Failing to accept the below outlined personal data protection plan will prevent you from using the electronic services provided by ISE to its members. These services are necessary to maintain your good standing as an ISE member.

The ISE collects and keeps record of the personal information of its members to ensure the members can enjoy fully the benefits of membership. This personal information includes the members’ names, affiliations, e-mail and phone contacts. This information is collected to ensure timely communication between the members, elected ISE officials and the ISE office to ensure that the members can exercise all membership benefits guaranteed by the ISE constitution and Bylaws.

This includes:


Dissemination of the information about the society, ISE organized or ISE sponsored events like such as conferences, workshops etc..


Distribution of the credentials for electronic elections and approval of ISE Budget and Financial Statement.


Dissemination of the news of general interest to the Society.


Membership dues records.

Members can update/modify their personal information via their membership account.
This personal information, or part of it, may be made available to the ISE active members in the ISE address book.
The personal information is retained securely by the ISE and the ISE will not share it with third parties. The ISE may be forced to provide this information if compelled by law to do so.

Read the complete ISE Data Protection Policy

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